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Flood From Sprinkler System in Elyria, OH
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Flood from Sprinkler System in Elyria, OH


The invention of the sprinkler system has made it easier to spray water over a long distance and add elegance to your home. But the same system becomes the reason for flood damage due to improper installation or malfunctioning components. Also, when you forget to turn off the system’s valve, it takes no time to make your place wet and dirty.

Whether the issue happened because of a leaking pipe, loose-fitted hose, over-spraying, or malfunctioning component, the end result is the same – a flood that can cause a lot of damage. This is where we come in. If you’re facing a flood from sprinkler system in Elyria, OH, call us at (440) 252-0382 and let us handle the cleanup for you. 

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We use state-of-the-art equipment to remove standing water. These include commercial-grade vacuums, powerful desiccants, air movers, and fans. Furthermore, we use detectors to check if there is any moisture left to be removed. Once we are done with water removal, we sanitize the area using EPA-registered products. If we suspect mold growth, our cleanup specialists do their best to remove the microbes and make sure to eliminate the problem from its roots. We take pride in being an environmentally friendly company, and we ensure no harm comes to you, your family, or the environment while we do our job.

Consequences Of Flood Due To Sprinkler System

The water coming from a sprinkler system is not dangerous. However, the contaminants and pathogens present around the property can lead to great health hazards. Mopping the water would dry the place, but the dampness in hidden areas can still cause mold to breed. Other than this, the pathogens thriving in water can also pose a danger to your health. The electrical wiring situated around sprinkler systems would also be at risk of damage. Instead of putting yourself at risk, let us handle the mess for you. Call us now at (440) 252-0382 for help with a flood from sprinkler system in Elyria, OH.