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Leaking Appliances in Solon, OH
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Leaking Appliances in Solon, OH


An appliance leak can be as disastrous as a burst water line. Leakage of appliances occurs when internal components and built-in pipes undergo damage, or the hoses are loose-fitted. In any case, you will find water coming out of the appliance, making the floor wet. This water can eventually make way to your belongings and furniture and leave them damaged. This is why it’s important to address the matter as quickly as possible.

Green Restoration is well aware of the consequences of appliance leakage and aims to provide quick, professional services to clean the aftermath. So, if you’re looking for help with leaking appliances in Solon, OH, call us today. 

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Benefits of Choosing Us

When you choose us, you can be sure of our eco-friendly services. We use only EPA-registered products that do not harm the environment and put your family at risk. Similarly, our experts follow IICRC-approved cleaning methods that are quite effective. We use advanced equipment and cutting-edge techniques to ensure the efficiency of our services.

Once you contact us, we’ll be at your door quickly to minimize the damage as much as possible. We are also in touch with major insurance providers, and we bill them directly, so you have nothing to worry about.

Steps To Be Taken Immediately

Once you find out that the appliance is leaking, quickly stop the supply of water to the appliance. Make sure you shut off the valve, and then contact us at (440) 252-0382 for help with leaking appliances in Solon, OH.

While you wait for us to arrive, mop the water to prevent it from reaching carpets and flowing to other parts of the house. Make sure the affected area is well-ventilated by opening the windows and turning on the fans. Avoid using home-use vacuums to extract the standing water. Most importantly, try shifting moveable household items to a dry place as much as possible.