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Roof Leaking
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Roof Leaking


Roof leaks are not given the attention they deserve. This is mainly because not many people can find the leak. These leaks are very deceptive, and when they are spotted, they are usually hard to reach. It can become more difficult to deal with them when you have roof damage masked by a leak.

However, it is important to address the problem right away if you want to prevent mold from growing. This is where you need professional help. Call Green Restoration as soon as you suspect a roof leaking, and we’ll be here to help.

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How To Deal With Roof Leaks

It can be very challenging to find roof leaks, especially if the underside is hidden. The same is the case around a vaulted ceiling. Water can travel from one corner to another for days and even months without you knowing there is a leak. For this reason, having an occasional inspection is very important. These leaks tend to become more visible during the rainy season, which can lead to discoloration and rotting of your roof’s structure. For this reason, it’s best that you schedule an inspection as soon as possible, especially if you suspect a leak somewhere but are unable to figure out the exact location.

Why Call Us?

When you rely on us for roof leaking, you can expect top-notch and effective services. Our certified ecological specialist can deal with every roof leak that you have and make your roof look brand new. Most of the time, roof leaks are very simple to repair and require some roofing cement; however, when the leakage is too deep, the area has to be replaced. Our team knows the importance of dealing with these leaks right away, and we do it in the best way possible. Our products are safe for plants, animals, and humans, and we arrive at your door as soon as you call us!