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Sewage Back Up in Gates Mills, OH
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Sewage Backup in Gates Mills, OH


A sewage backup is very unpleasant to clean. Not only is the smell intolerable, but it also contains dangerous pathogens that can put your health at risk. Plus, the incident leaves your property, including floor, carpets, rugs, furniture, and upholstery, in an unusable and unsanitary condition.

The best way to get rid of the aftermath is to appoint us right after the incident takes place. Our team of cleanup experts is efficient at dealing with sewage backup while keeping your belongings safe from further damage. For sewage backup in Gates Mills, OH, call us today at (440) 252-0382 and let our experts take care of the property. 


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Why You Should Hire Us

Water resulting from sewage backup contains a high percentage of pathogens, microbes, and other harmful substances. Cleaning the mess without ensuring protection from these contaminants and without protective gear would be very dangerous. This is where we come. At Green Restoration, our team makes sure to only follow safe practices, which is why they use gloves, eyewear, face masks, and boots to make the cleanup procedure risk-free.

Even if you want to clean up sewage backup yourself, it won’t be as effective. This is because household cleaning products lack the chemicals required to kill powerful germs effectively. We use highly potent, environment-friendly, EPA-registered products that effectively clean the area and get rid of the germ while taking care of your environment.

Our Sewage Cleanup Process

We have well-trained cleanup experts who have years of experience in tackling the most complicated sewage backups. We start by moving your belongings from the affected area to some safe place. This is to minimize the loss and prevent the salvageable belongings from getting exposed to the sewage mess.

Then we remove the standing water with heavy-duty vacuums and dry the place using dehumidifiers and fans. Then we disinfect the affected items. Finally, we put all the items back to their original position to restore your property to its original condition. So, for sewage backup in Gates Mills, OH, call us today!