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Smoke and Soot Damage
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Smoke and Soot Damage


In the aftermath of a fire, the building gets seriously damaged and is extensively affected by the smoke and soot. In fact, the smoke that follows is highly dangerous and can potentially be life-threatening. If not addressed in time, smoke and soot can cause permanent damage to the structure of the house and irreparable corrosion to the interior.

The consequences faced after a fire are unavoidable; hence, they need to be dealt with in a serious manner. Green Restoration has years of experience when it comes to fire hazards and the damages caused by them. Our team of professionals will handle the situation in the most professional manner and try to prevent any further damages to the property so you can rely on us for smoke and soot damage.

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How Do we Rehabilitate Smoke and Soot Damages?

Green Restoration is known for delivering high-standard services to its customers. We use environmentally friendly products from the start till the very end, making sure to bring back the property in its original shape.

We analyze the extent of the damage and identify the affected areas. Then the smoke is cleared out thoroughly from all parts of the affected area. Furthermore, we target the soot and clean it up where possible; otherwise, we replace the damaged parts of the building. Our goal is to give your property a pristine final look.

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If you have experienced an unfortunate fire-related incident and you need help with smoke and soot damage, contact Green Restoration by simply calling (440) 252-0382.

If left unattended, the smoke and smell after a fire can not only cause serious damage to the property but are also a threat to the health of the people residing within. Our company is fully service licensed and insured, and we are ready to serve our customers in the most professional manner.