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Toilet Overflow
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Toilet Overflow


Every homeowner experiences an overflowing toilet, and they know how important quick and efficient cleanup is. However, to deal with these overflows, you must know how they are caused in the first place. In most cases, toilet overflows are due to clogging, low flow in the toilet, and issues such as stuck handles and tank floats. To avoid these overflows, you must have your toilets checked monthly or bi-monthly and eliminate this issue from its root cause.

Green Restoration can inspect and fix any issues with your toilet right away, so if you experience toilet overflow, make sure you get in touch with us!

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How Can You Fix It?

People tend to opt for towels and a mop to get rid of the standing water, but that is not all that should be done. In fact, once the standing water is cleaned, moisture is still left behind, which can cause the growth of mold and mildew in corners you don’t even know about.

Fortunately, once these overflows occur, you do not need to panic because Green Restoration is here to help you out. Our experts can deal with all clean-up problems, so you have nothing to worry about. So call us today at (440) 252-0382

Green Restoration To Your Rescue

As soon as you experience a toilet overflow, call us, and we’ll be there as soon as possible. While you wait for us to arrive, you can take some steps to try and stop the toilet overflow. Start by turning the water off from the supply. You also need to start mopping as much water as you can because it is contaminated and can make your house smell if you leave it standing. The last step we advise our clients is using the good old method of plungers. Most of the time, the plunger deals with the problem, but in case it doesn’t, we will be there to help you out!