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Chimney and Furnace Puff-Back in Solon, OH


The chimney is a pipe or channel through which smoke and combustion gases move up from a fireplace through the roof of the building. Over time, smoke particles, ash, and soot accumulate in the chimney. This causes a blockage and leads to a reduction in smoke removal. Accumulation of smoke within the premises can cause damage to health and property.

Similarly, furnace puff-back occurs when the ignition process within the furnace experiences irregularities and causes fuel vapor to build up in the ignition system. When the ignition chamber operates-full accumulation of excess fuel in the ignition chamber causes a puff-back scenario or explosion. Cleaning up this mess is not easy, and it can cause breathing problems, which is why it’s best you turn to professionals.

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Cleaning Chimney And Furnace Puff-Back

Leaving chimneys and furnaces unclean can yield dangerous outcomes that can be lethal. It is best to clean the chimney every three months to avoid excessive accumulation of soot and creosote. Cleaning furnaces must be part of your home maintenance routine, as leaving them unclean can trigger allergic reactions, asthma, and difficulty breathing.

When you hire us for chimney and furnace puff-back in Solon, OH, we have a methodological plan for dealing with the mess. To clean the chimney, its cap has to be cleaned. Our chimney puff-back involves cleaning the chimney-flue, smoke shelf cleaning, debris, creosote removal, cleaning fireboxes, removal of ash, and inspection of dampers. 

Meanwhile, to clean the furnace, we use a vacuum, inspect its wires, ignition chambers, belts. We also inspect all the components to make sure everything is in order.

Choosing A Company To Provide Chimney And Furnace Cleaning Services

Our team of experts provides immediate response and can handle chimney and furnace clean-up for you. By using advanced tools, we make sure your furnace is in working condition.

Our technicians can clear dusty, crusty, dangerous dirt, dust, soot, and creosote accumulations in chimneys and furnaces.

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