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Disinfection Services
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Disinfection Services


Disinfecting is a process of killing germs or microorganisms present at the surface and lowering the risk of diseases spreading.

Disinfection services are different from regular cleaning services. Cleaning services remove visible unwanted substances that make surfaces look dirty and are capable of causing allergies like dust, dirt, pollen. But disinfecting ensures the removal of germs, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms by killing them on the surfaces.

There are various types and techniques used to ensure that surfaces are completely disinfected. For instance, the application of disinfecting agents reduces germ levels by killing them up to 99.9%. This is followed by a thorough cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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Our Disinfecting Procedure

For our disinfection services, we use EPA-approved chemicals as they are capable of killing disease-causing organisms. We also ensure the disinfection of substances and surfaces by using a single disinfecting agent or combination of disinfectants.

Disinfection of the site occurs with certain chemical disinfectants or miscellaneous inactivating agents as approved by the EPA. For applying disinfectants, ULV fogging machines in the desired area are used. After disinfecting, the next step is compliant waste removal and disinfection of all touchpoints.

We also ensure manual disinfection of various portions, including door handles, plates, and light switches, with professional assistance.

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We use highly trained personnel that use advanced equipment to offer top-notch and highly efficient disinfection services. We ensure clients are satisfied with our timely disinfection services, which is why we choose the best disinfection method depending upon the type of contamination.

Our professionals ensure that microorganisms are killed by following protocols provided by the CDC and EPA. There are different methods for disinfecting materials, including precautionary disinfection, intermediate specialist disinfection, and high-level specialist disinfection.

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